Flea Collar For Dogs With Tick Control. Enhanced All Natural Flea Prevention, Treatment And Medicine For Pet Protection. 8 Month Protection Flea Collars For Large Dogs, Medium, Small Dogs Fluffy Tails

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Fluffy Tails Flea and Tick Collars for Dogs provides EFFECTIVE PROTECTION AND PREVENTION against Fleas, Ticks and other Pests and Parasites.

Our All Natural, Enhanced Formula flea & tick collars for dogs are an effective and reliable treatment that helps ensure your dog is flea and tick free. Our collars are fast-acting and work to repel fleas & ticks for 8 months of continuous protection.

Essential oils that have been proven to repel fleas and ticks provide an unhospitable environment and work to deter and prevent unwanted pests. Pets that are already infested should be thoroughly bathed with a flea and tick shampoo prior to using the collar to ensure best results.

Time release technology ensures proper release over time to give long lasting protection. Pet owners who frequently bathe their pets may need to replace the collar more frequently.

Our collars protect your pet from fleas, flea larvae, ticks, mosquitos as well as sarcoptic mange in a safe and eco friendly way.

◉ Repels fleas, ticks, flea larvae, mosquitos and sarcastic mange for 8 months.
◉ Repels fleas before they can lay eggs.
◉ Prevents and protects against tick infestations within 24 hours after application.
◉ Water-resistant and continues to be effective after bathing or playing in water.
◉ Easy to apply and safe.
◉ Adjustable fit allows for ONE SIZE FITS ALL!
◉ Contains Cinnamon oil, Eucalyptus oil, Lavender oil, Lemon Eucalyptus and Linaloe.
◉ Please consult with your Veterinarian prior to using to ensure your pet is not allergic.✅ REPELS FLEAS AND TICKS– Fluffy Tails ENHANCED FORMULA collars offer the most effective all-natural formula preferred by pet owners in search of an all natural Flea collar without harmful chemicals or toxins. All natural Flea and Tick Prevention.