Vet Pet Flea Collar for Dogs – Dog Flea and Tick Control – Flea Collar for Cats – Adjustable One-Size-Fits-All Tick Prevention Flea Treatment for Dogs with All Natural Essential Oils – 8 Months

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              Ward™  Flea and Tick Collar works best on small and medium-sized dogs

CITRONELLA SCENTED: Our flea collar gives an inviting citrus scent that begins to repel pests the moment it is applied.

WATERPROOF: This dog flea collar is built to handle any situation, any time of the year. In the pool, the lake, the rain, or even when at bath time, you never need to remove your dog’s flea tick collar until the day you are ready to replace it.

NON-GREASY FORMULA: The active ingredients for flea and tick prevention for dogs are built into the collar, making it easy to handle and allowing a slow and effective release over many months.

ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL: At 25 inches, Ward’s dog tick and flea medicine Flea & Tick Dog Collar is a great flea collar for large dogs and small dogs, even puppies!

100% NATURAL: No harmful chemicals are used to make our tick medicine for dogs more effective than the leading competitors. Ward™ ONLY uses the highest quality ingredients derived from nature and sourced from around the world to give your dog flea and tick control that is a safe and gentle flea medicine for dogs. Peppermint Oil, Lemon Grass Oil, Clove Oil, Thyme Oil, and Castor oil are all active in the collar. This is flea prevention for dogs the way nature intended. Put a stop to the flea and tick for dogs.

100% NATURAL: Never worry about allergic reactions! This flea collar for dogs uses no chemicals to make our collars more effective than the leading competitors. Ward ONLY uses the highest quality ingredients derived from nature and sourced from around the world, allowing the Vet-Pet team to give you the perfect hypoallergenic flea collar that won’t cause rashes and burns on your pet unlike some of the top brands in the industry that use harmful chemical for their protection.